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New Treatments Macular Degeneration

New Treatments of Macular Degeneration   A new treatment for macular degeneration is being tested by  a group of researchers led by Dr. Sai H. Chavala, a retinal specialist at the University of North Carolina. MDM2  are proteins that are coded by the MDM2 gene. These proteins decrease the activity of tumor suppressor protein 53 […]

Light Sensitivity Cause

Light Sensitivity Cause The Cause of sensitivity to light can be from a number of things. The eye controls the amount of illumination reaching inside by varying the size of the pupil. The iris, or colored part of the eye acts like camera diaphragm and enlarges or reduces the pupil size. At night we typically need […]

Fort Collins Optometrist

  Fort Collins Optometrist-Looking For A New Eye Doctor?   Fort Collins Optometrist  Accepting and Welcoming New Patients! If you are looking for a new eye doctor in the Fort Collins area we provide expert eye care services  in the following areas: Eye Exams and Visual Analysis Binocular Vision (3D Vision & How your eyes work together as a […]

Viibryd And Cataracts

Does Viibryd Cause Cataracts? Can you believe everything you see on TV? Well no-but stay tuned. Some types of age related cataracts do display a higher concentration of serotonin as part of their molecular composition. The connection to prescription drugs that alter serotonin is a little more complex that it appears to be at first […]