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Eye Allergy Relief

Itchy eyes have you rubbing with the summer pollen?  As an Optometrist in Fort Collins I see the office filled with eye allergy problems every year when the cottonwood trees fill the air with summer snow. The best solution currently is usually an eyedrop prescription called Pataday. Pataday is s refined version of the older […]

Dr Kisling’s Answers For Eye Twitching

Twitchy eye? Many people become concerned when they start having an eyelid that twitches intermittently or even constantly. This may occur for weeks, months, or even years. Typically it does not occur constantly and has been coming and going for a month or so when the patient finally show up at the eye doctors office concerned they have acquired a serious vision problem. Most of the time after a lengthy eye exam and detailed analysis an accurate diagnosis is made-benign eye twitch. Essentially that means the doctor has no idea what is causing your eye problem but has ruled out serious diseases