Fort Collins Optometrist Rx For Dry Eyes-Restasis

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My Eyes are constantly burning and stinging-Does This sound like you?

  1. We offer solutions!
  2. The only prescription available for long term chronic dry eyes.
  3. Part of a comprehensive treatment program for restoring your eye comfort
  4. Fort Collins Eye Center for Specialists Dedicated to the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome
    Restasis was approved several years ago and is currently the only prescription eye drop that is used by Eye Doctors long term to increase your eyes ability to produce tears.


Dry Eyes Restasis Rx Fort Collins Optometrist

Dry Eyes Restasis Rx Fort Collins Optometrist

Restasis is cyclosporin which has a long track record of safety in Veterinary Medicine in treating dry eyes in dogs. Most Optometrists expect Restasis to start working within a month but it can take 3-6 months to reach it’s maximum efficacy. I find Restasis works very well for about 25-30% of my patients. This may seem low but when it works it is a wonderful product and well worth trying if you suffer from chronic dry eyes. There is currently a My Tears, My Rewards® program called for rebates, a free months supply after a certain period of time, a newsletter and online tools. Schedule a consultation to see if Restasis is right for you: 226-0959

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