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Fort Collins Eye Doctor

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Why did I choose to be a Fort Collins Eye Doctor? Helping people see better in a beautiful area! After three decades here, I still believe Fort Collins is one of the best places to live. We enjoy supporting the Fort Collins Northern Colorado neighborhood.

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Back in 1972, Fort Collins was truly a small town with almost no crime and no traffic. We never felt the need to lock doors to houses or cars. The 4th of July was truly a family affair with an easy walk and lawn-chairs at city park. A women by city park left her back porch unlocked so that we could take a gallon of fresh cows milk out of the refrigerator and leave a dollar in the jar.

Today, we aren’t immune to traffic or crime. The cows left a long time ago for apartment buildings. The deer that lived at Drake and Taft have moved on. Still, as time passes, being an eye doctor in Fort Collins remains one of the best communities in Colorado to care for people and eyesight. The air is still clean, the mountains are closeby, and the community is still a safe environment full of diverse educational and recreational opportunities.

Fort Collins remains one of the best places to be an Eye Doctor and a member of a wonderful community.

Eye Doctors In Fort Collins

Fort Collins Eye Doctors optometrists have their roots in the jewelry stores of the old west. The first evidence I can find of eye care in Fort Collins is the C.O. Hunter Jewelry and Optician Store which was located at 141 North College by 1880. Fort Collins was fortunate in being a military outpost from its beginnings in 1864, commissioned to protect the Overland Trail. Military forts and outposts tended to have the first doctors  and clinics  in largely under served rural areas. Fort Collins was no different. Doctors in Fort Collins can be traced backed to Timothy Stone, a physician at the “Fort” in 1864 who decided to stay on after the post was decommissioned.  He left town in 1881 when his wife gave birth to twins. He was 65 at the time and that’s an experience I believe I will pass on!  Eye Doctors in Fort Collins in the 1800’s were either opticians in jewelry stores or the general practitioner who had woefully inadequate tools and was mostly limited to treating eye conditions that would have resolved on their own anyway or resulted in the loss of the eye. Fortunately  some things do improve over time!

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