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Contact Lens Specialists - Fort CollinsContact lens comfort is our primary mission in contact lens fittings at our Fort Collins Harmony Eyecare Center. Our specialty is fitting your daily wear contact lenses, extended wear contact lenses, and every specialty contact lens design available to maximize comfort in the low humidity and high altitude environment of Fort Collins. We maintain a large contact lens inventory stock for same day fittings in emergencies-like your wedding day when you lose your last contact lens one hour before the big event. There are numerous new generation contact lens materials that allow us to fit you with a safe, healthy lens for almost any eye prescription including high amounts of astigmatism, mutifocal and bifocal contact lenses, and especially dry eyes. When your children become teens and pre-teenagers safety and good contact lens hygiene to prevent eye disease complications are strongly communicated.

Soft Lenses on The Eyes? Sensational!

Soft contact lenses comprise the majority of contact lens fittings we do today. To avoid contact lens complications we no longer use the old style lenses where only one pair is used for the entire year. That makes as much sense as using one pair of socks all year long! Disposable contact lenses are what we always recommend for comfort and healthy eyes. They may be daily disposable, 2 week disposable, or monthly disposable contacts. Daily disposable contact lenses are great for teens who still don’t have the hang of a toothbrush, let alone to be responsible for appropriately cleaning contact lenses every day. Sometimes they are also a good solutions for dry eyes, sports, and traveling. Today, daily disposable lenses are also available for astigmatism (toric contact lenses) and bifocal wearers.

Two to four week disposable lenses are also available in contact lens materials for daily removal and for 30 day wear while sleeping in the lenses. Soft contact lenses are available to change your eye color, correct your astigmatism, and correct your presbyopia with multifocal soft contact lens designs. The greatest contact lens advances in decades have been the 3rd and 4th generation silicone hydrogel lenses. These soft lenses offer up to 700% more oxygen permeability to your eye and have their surface altered by plasma, additive molecules, or structural changes in the lens polymers to make the healthiest and most wettable contact lenses ever.  This has been an enormous help for contact lens wearers with dry eyes and lens related discomfort. They can also be a great added safety margin for teens who sometimes fall asleep in strange places and odd times without removing their contacts!

Craving Sharp Vision? Gas Perm Delights!

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (RGP lenses) provide the most acute vision possible. We have not fit the old style “hard contact lenses” for years and will in the future due to the risks yo your family’s eyesight. Today’s hard lens replacement has silicone and other components added to eliminate the hazards posed by the lack of oxygen that was created in the original hard contact lenses. Plasma treatments can greatly increase the comfort of gas permeable lenses. Rigid gas permeable lens can be designed to correct large amounts of astigmatism and also various bifocal formats. We custom design every rigid contact lens to match your unique visual needs instead of using off the shelf manufacturers products. It’s much easier but not the type of custom fit you deserve.

Unclear About Astigmatism? SPEC-tacular!

Almost every soft contact lens material is manufactured in a toric form to correct astigmatism. Gas permeable contact lenses naturally correct many cases of astigmatism, and bitoric custom lenses can be utilized for almost any eye prescription with large amounts of astigmatism. Don’t be discouraged by your last contact lens consultation with an optometrist. Many eye doctors just say no because they don’t want to go the extra mile that difficult contact lens fittings require.

Forty and Fuzzy Contacts Lenses Reading? Fantastic!

There are multitudes of contact lens options to keep you successfully wearing contact lenses if you need bifocals or multifocal lenses. It takes time and determination to reach an expert bifocal contact lens fitting but we have patients happily wearing contact lenses past the age of 90.

Dry Eyes Burning? Contact Lens Delights

The low humidity and high altitude of Fort Collins make contact discomfort from dry eyes an important factor as I mentioned previously. There are numerous new generation materials that allow us to fit you with a lens you cannot even feel opn your eyes in many cases. The silicone hydrogel lenses,  P.C. technology, and materials like Extreme H2O are examples of revolutions in soft contact lens technology for dry eyes. Plasma treatments of gas permeable lenses have been a valuable addition in hard lens technology. Many nutritional, pharmaceutical, and other modalities can be used to solve dry eye related contact lens problems. A new option is the SynergEyes contact lens family.  We provide comprehensive expert contact lens services including SynergEyes PS (“post-surgical”) lenses that combine two materials – a rigid gas permeable center and a soft lens outer skirt. The hybrid design provides the crisp, clear vision of a GP lens and wearing comfort that rivals that of a soft contact lens. The SynergEyes PS lens is designed to provide optimum vision correction on surgically-altered corneas.

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