Fort Collins Contact Lens Specialists

Fort Collins Contact Lens Specialists

Our Fort Collins contact lens specialists fit just about every type of eye problem with contact lenses. Astigmatism, an unequal curvature on the surface of the eye’s is very commonly fit with a toric contact lenses today. Toric soft contact lenses have two curveratures on the front lens surface (some on the back) to restore clear vision. Even very high amounts of astigmatism can now be corrected with soft toric contact lenses.

Gas permeable rigid contact lenses ( the lenses that replaced the old non breathable hard contact lenses), can also be used to correct astigmatism. Frequnetly the lens does not need to be toric as the tears filling in behind the lens will smooth out any astigmatism and allowthe bacl surface of the RGP (rigid gas permeable ) lens to form the corrected curve for focusing light.

Bifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal Contact Lenses include distance center areas in front of the pupil for maximum distance vision with surrounding near zones outside of this center zone. The opposite can be used when vision is more critical for close tasks. Sometimes our Fort Collins contact lens specialists will use one  type on the dominant eye and the other on the non dominant eye.

Treating Dry Eyes And Contact Lens Comfort

Dry Eyes are one of the primary reasons for contact lens related discomfort and dropping out of contact lens wear. Our Fort Collins contact lens specialists specialize in dry eye treatment and have found much improved contact lens comfort and much lower drop out rates.

Other conditions, like Keratoconus and poor vision after LASIK and other forms of eye surgery can be fit with custom contact lens designs such as the scleral lenses that while much larger than average, tend to be very comfortable in patients with abnormal shapes to their cornea.

Contact lens designs are expected to become much more versatile in the next 10 years allowing sustained release delivery of eye medications, very individualized correction of vision with new technology, and many material advance such as contact lenses that lower infection rates overall in the eye. Keep your eyes tuned-A computer monitor lens is in the works as well as lenses that measure various states of health.

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  1. Randa

    I have MS and have just turned 70. I have worn contacts for 60 years. In the last 20 years, I have had 5 retinal detachments with both eyes ultimately having scleral buckles. I recovered well and my vision has been 20/20. For the past 18 months, I have had double vision. Finally I was put in touch with a specialist in adult strabismus! I wore my contacts all the time but he had to place the prism in my glasses. Even though it is just the Fresnal prism, the doubling stopped!!! I am so thrilled! My question is, will I ever be able to were my contacts again? I have so much better vision in them until the doubling started.
    Thank you for your help, Randa

  2. Post
    Dr. Kisling

    Hi Randa,

    I don’t feel like I can answer your question at this time. As you know, the symptoms of MS come and go in most people. I have seen a few people with total remission for years with no recurrences. It may get better with time, there is just no way to predict (at least by me).

    You might want to keep an eye on XT-101, a drug that will probably start to go into clinical trials within a year or so

    Also, Google is working on a display for contact lenses (another way to surf the web like we need one more). This display is composed of Fresnel lenses. Who knows, we might be able to order Fresnel lenses added to your contact lenses to treat double vision at some point in the future.

    Finally, it is possible to add a small;l amount of (vertical only) prism to contact lenses by using a toric lens in one eye only. If you only need a small amount of vertical prism, even if you don’t need a correction for astigmatism, it just might work.

    One last possibility, you could try vision therapy. It works better for some types of eye turns so you need to find out what type and amount of imbalance you have. Don’t give up on those contact lenses quite yet.

    Best Wishes!

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