Fort Collins Vision Service Plan (VSP)

As a Fort Collins Optometrist VSP Provider (Vision Service Plan), we want to extend a warm welcome to all VSP Members in Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Timanth, LaPorte, Wellington, and Windsor.

In our office, you are a VIP patient. Vision Service Plan (VSP) is the Gold Standard for Quality Vision Insurance. We want to make sure you achieve the best possible use of your benefits and we will work with you to do just that.

As a VSP member we give you and your family VIP treatment and try to provide you with the appointment hours you need for your busy lifestyle.

  • As an added benefit, you may call my mobile phone number anytime you have an eye emergency: 970-217-0669
  • All I ask is that you call the regular office phone number for all non-emergency eyecare: 970-226-0959.

I look forward to serving your family eyecare needs.

Dr. David Kisling, O.D.

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  1. Neal Moody

    I was wondering about something.
    I have found out that I am a diabetic, and because of that my doctor told me to find someone that specializes in diabetic eye care, so do you also specialize in that?

  2. Post
    Dr. Kisling

    Hi Neal,

    A dilated exam of the back of your eyes is the gold standard for diabetics at this time. Almost any eye doc should be capable of doing that but make sure you ask, and perhaps ask their criteria for referring you for treatment. It is pretty inconvenient to see a retinal specialist for most diabetics without serious eye complications. The growth of new, unwanted blood vessels in the back of the eyes or swelling in the central macula of the eye can occur after 10-15 years of diabetes. Depending on where these blood vessels are they may warrant treatment at which time a referral to a retinal specialist would be in order. There are some moves towards digital imaging that may become standard for all diabetics at some time, but for now you just need a dilated exam. A lot of sight can be saved by doing this every year (and by having tight control of your blood sugar).

    Best Wishes!

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