Eye Doctors and Pass The Prozac Rx For Floaters-Eye Symptoms That Should Have Alternative Treatment

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Pass the Prozac for the Eye Floaters? Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) is a common condition of the eyes which occurs in about 75 per cent of people over the age of 65. While a careful eye examination by your Eye Doctor is essential, rarely are the preceptual and psychological issues that accompany a posterior vitreous detachment addressed. A number of traditional and alternative treatments should be utilized to help the transition through the first 6 months after the eye symptoms start.

Sunglasses Causing Blindness!

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Sunglasses Causing Blindness!

Often I have patients who buy sunglasses at a drugstore, at the beach,etc. -then start to wonder about the quality of the lenses.Optics aside (we know they are often poor even in very inexpensive sunglasses off a rack), the question is do they provide adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Worried Your Eyeglasses Prescription Keep Changing Until You Go Blind?

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Many patients at the eye doctors eye center are worried they will go blind since their eyeglasses prescription seems to get worse every visit. This fear is largely unfounded and based on a misunderstanding of true pathological nearsightedness which can lead to blindness.