Contact Lenses With Testosterone Cream

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You Need A Little Testosoterone To Wear Contact Lenses Today

No, you don’t need to be a man or need a man to wear contact lenses. But a little testosterone cream may help women continue wearing contact lenses as the birthdays add up. Dr,. Charles Conner Jr. and Dr. Charles Haines have been working on a prescription testosterone cream for dry eye treatment since 2002. It has not been approved yet, but they have seen success in treating several hundred patients. Dry Eye Syndrome is more prevalent in women and increases with age. Androgen levels (testosterone and DHEA) in women fall almost 50% by age 40. One study reported contact lens patients were able to increase thier wearing time from 1 one to 10 hours after treatment with testosterone cream.

You Need A Little Less Testosterone To Wear Contact Lenses Safely

In the greater balance of things, men who wear contact lenses have more eye infections than women. An astounding 70%+ of all eye injuries occur in young adult males. Sometimes it may be better need testosterone than to have it. 

One future trend in contact lens research is time release of prescription drugs to treat eye disease. Perhaps there will actually be a testosterone contact lens at some point in time to treat dry eye syndrome. (Maybe even an anti-testosterone contact lens when you reach your limit with your teenager?) Current therapy proposed utilizes a trans-dermal patch similar to a bandage that allows the testosterone to pass through the eye lid skin.

People who have steroid dependent forms of cancer (breast, prostate,ovarian) should not use steroid creams. Pregnancy and breastfeeding is also a contraindication to testoterone therapy.

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