Bumps on children’s eyes-Dermolipoma

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A swollen, yellowish raised area on the white of the eye located towards the outside can be very alarming when first noted on a child’s eye. Demolipoma is a congenital condition present at birth. It is a benign growth of normal tissue in a place they are not usually found. The area is not tender or red, and typically grows very slowly or is stable. It may show a growth spurt in adolescence. After diagnosis, it is normally managed conservatively by observation. Vision may be mildly effected in some cases by the development of astigmatism. To prevent amblyopia (lazy eye), vision should be checked on an annual basis. While a dermolipoma can be surgically removed, multiple complications can occur. Dry eyes from damage to the lacrimal gland, double vision from damage to the lateral rectus eye muscle, droopy eyelids from eye nerve damage, are a few of the possible complications. Since surgery is for cosmetic concerns and not for visual problems, it is normally not performed. If the eye appearance very disturbing to the child, surgery may be considered. It is important to find a well qualified oculoplastic surgeon. This is an  ophthalmologist who is also a facial surgeon and ideally a fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. If surgery is chosen as an option, it requires an eye physician that is very careful and does minimal removal of tissue to prevent complications.

Occasionally, dermolipoma can occur in conjunction Goldenhar syndrome where one side of the face may have incomplete development of the ear, nose. lips, and jaw. Other organs in the body may be effected. This is apparent from facial appearance at an early age so there is not a concern about it developing after dermolipoma is diagnosed. Since serious conditions can appear similiar, the most important part of managing a dermolipoma is an accurate initial diagnosis.

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  1. ria apriani

    hi Dr.Kissling……..
    My name is Ria,i want to say my son 7month he name Raika Aura Sya’ban have tumor DERMOLIPOMA.
    And he have SYNDROM GOLDENHAR.
    I need recomend the best doctor spesialist for my son.
    Sorry i come from INDONESIA,maybe you now doctor specialist for my son in Singapore coz that place
    not to far from INDONESIA.
    Please reply my email………………………………….
    I realy realy need information..

  2. Post

    I have been a little behind. Are you still looking for a specialist. If so what are the closest major cities to you.

  3. Ricardo

    Hello to All,

    Our newborn (6 weeks now) has been diagnosed with Dermolipoma. We were wondering until what age do you recommend we wait before we consider removal of the excess tissue?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  4. Post
    Dr. Kisling

    Hi Ricardo,

    I would say that is an answer best left to a good oculoplastic surgeon. That being said there are a few cavets: (1) Presuming you are talking about a surface dermolipoma, if it is affecting vision it is usually operated on (2) If it is more shaped like a dome instead of being flat it is usually operated on (3) If it is getting red & causing eye rubbing form irritation it is usually operated on. (4) Most other cases can be followed without surgery. While it varies by case, the average age for surgery seems to be around 4 years old. Ask your surgeon, they can give you a much better idea.

    Best WIshes!

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