Fort Collins Sherwood Street History

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Sherwood Street In Fort Collins Named Judge Jessie Sherwood

Jessie Sherwood was one of the early settlers of Fort Collins in the 60’s (1860! ) and served as a county judge adn in the state senate. You would think a judge and senator would know where all the bodies are hidden but this politician took it to the grave with him (literally).

A Mystery In Old Town Fort Collins

In 1885 the old Mountain Home Cemetery was closed and the city of Fort Collins moved all of the bodies to the New Grandview Cemetery. This close after the 4th of July you may remember where that is (close to City Park). Thirty one years later someone realized the body was missing. It seems that the Judge was overlooked in the moving process. Mr Stover  (Stover street in case you missed it) remembered where the body was (makes you wonder) and Judge Sherwood was moved close to his family and friends in Grandview. It raises a little curiosity about what else is out there when you dig in your garden this summer!


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