Eye Doctors Study Projects Vision Loss Problems By 2020

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Eye Doctors Report Macular Degeneration And Other Eye Disease Are Rapidly Increasing

Macular Degneration Retina Disease

Macular Degneration | National Eye Institute

According to the National Eye Insitute,  a study that was conducted by the Eye Disease Prevalence Research Group found the graying of America is asssociated with vision loss becoming a major public health issue in the next 10 years. The number of people over the age of 40 who suffer vision loss or blindness is expected to be as follows:

  • Macular Degeneration: Currently 1.8 million people, by 2020 2.9 million              (62% Increase)
  • Glaucoma: Currently: 2.2 million people, by 2020 3.3 million (66% Increase)
  • Vision Loss From Diabetes: Currently 4.1 million people, by 2020 7.2 million    (56% Increase)

In Fort Collins Optometry Finds The Same Problems Seen Nationally- But At A Lower Rate Due To Our Younger Eye Demographics

Eye Doctors Reported Some Further Vision Loss Statistics:

  • Nationally, people 80 or more years old comprise 8% of the total population but have such a higher incidence of serious eye disease that their age bracket contains almost 70% of the cases of blindness
  • Over 10% of eyesight cases have significant vision loss from macular degeneration
  • Eye researchers found the prevalence of glaucoma is about three times higher in African Americans, and is also the leading cause of blindness in Hispanics
  • About 8% of people with diabetes over the age of 40 have some eye condition that puts them at substancial risk for sight loss.

Fort Collins Eye Doctors Find A Higher Risk For Vision Loss And  Macular Degeneration Due To Our Increased UV Exposure From The Mountain Altitudes In Northern Colorado

Practicing Optometry n Fort Collins I see an increase in the number of  patients with macular degeneration every year. There is less filtering of ultraviolet radiation when people with active lifestyles  spend time in the mountains of Northern Colorado. Optomerist reccomendations include quality sunwear, hats with brows, and spending more time outdoors before 11:00  AM and after 3:00 PM to avoid the intense UV of the midday.

Schedule Your Optometrist Visit Today-Annual Eye Exams Become More Important With Age

This research highlights the fact that many cases of sight loss can be prevented by early detecion and treatment. Nutritional supplements and new injectable drugs can often slow the progerssion of vision loss from macular degeneration. Glaucoma is more treatable than ever before, with stepped choices of multiple medication, laser surgery, and filtering surgery to drain fluid slowly from the eyes. A large number of cases of diabetes eye problems can be prevented by early lifestyle interventions, and well regulated blood sugar can delay the onset of eye problems. After 40, annual eye exams should become routine, and by age 65 seeing your eye doctor annually is essential to insure you have healthy eyes and good vision for a lifetime.

Fort Collins Eye Doctors-Dr Kisling | Your Eye Health Is Our Number One Concern

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