Acuvue Advance Plus or Minus

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New Acuvue Contact Lens- Or Is It?

Vistakon announced late last year the introduction of the Acuvue Advance Plus contact lens. Plus means they have made it better right? Not quite so fast. According to Vistakon’s website, the Acuvue Advance Plus utilizes ULTRA-CLEAN™ Technology that helps resist the buildup of deposits on the lens surface.

A New Improved Acuvue Contact Lens Material?

Gas Permeable Contact Lens

Contact Lens On Eye

Maybe-but there is little evidence that it is. The plus part of the Acuvue Advance contact lens seems to be a change in “equipment qualification”. Equipment qualification is a global term the Food and Drug Administration uses to make sure that equipment used in manufacturing and testing of a medical device does what it is supposed to do. Apparently some of the equipment used in production of the Acuvue Advance contact lens was updated (or at least changed). The Acuvue Advance Plus contact lens is manufactured with a process referred to as “Ultra-Clean™ Technology”.  What that mean is not clear. It is an unregistered trademark that translates to a marketing exclusivity privilege. Maybe your carpet will be magically cleaned the next time you drop a contact lens!

Whats Different About the Acuvue Advanced Plus?

Beyond the “Ultra-Clean™ Technology” not so much. The lens is still made from the same polymer, Galyficon A with 47% water. The contact lens polymer is still stated to include Hydraclear™ technology to improve comfort.

While I have seen the Acuvue Oasys contact lens material help some patients with dry eyes in Fort Collins, I do not believe the Acuvue  Advance Plus will be a significant improvement for optometrists specializing in contact lenses in Colorado (or anywhere for that matter). If you are currently wearing the Acuvue Advance at some point it is going to be discontinued as the contact lens manufacturer transitions to the Plus version. I don’t think you will notice either way. There was an F.D.A. study prior to qualification but no results have been posted to date. They must have been OK. Here is to a new an improved 2011!

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  2. christina wright

    Every since I started using these I’ve had problems with my eyes and headaches everyday!

  3. Post

    Hi Christina,

    Sorry to hear that. While they work well for some people it does seem to be a problem for a significant number. Hope you try something else soon!

  4. Vikaroo

    I’ve had nothing but problems with these contacts, sadly. I wasn’t able to use the Oasis, they slid around my eye too much (I think it’s just a minor fitting problem). With Advance Plus, however, I have had more contacts break during just a regular cleaning (and I’m not very hard of them when I’m cleaning them), and for some reason these contacts seem to “gunk” up faster due to makeup. With Acuvue 2 and Advance I never had this problem, but for some reason when the Advance Plus gets a tiny amount of makeup on them, they just won’t let it go. I went through a 6 month box in less than 3 months due to this problem. Sometimes I’ve had to change my lenses 2-3 times a week. Plus, no one stocks them locally, including my optometrist, which is just absurd since they are the ones who recommended them. Anyway, thought someone out there might appreciate knowing some problems I’ve had with them.

  5. Post

    Hi Vikaroo,

    Every once in a while I see people that have has the same problems you are describing. It is just a quirk of the way the material interacts with your eyes. The newer materials are so much healthier on your eyes that we want to use them on everyone today. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that we can. Thanks for your comment.

    Best Wishes

  6. Elizabeth

    Well I’m relieved to know I’m not crazy! I thought maybe I was the only one with this problem or maybe it was all in my head!!!!!! I’ve worn acuvue advance for YEARS, and the moment I put one of the acuvue advance PLUS in my eyes, nothing but PROBLEMS!!!!!! Uncomfortable, blurry, never had any problems w the old kind, yet these I can barely stand to keep on my eyes!!!!!!!! Makeup up sticks to them like fly on SHIT!!!!!!! I hate these!!!!! I wrote a COMPLAINT to acuvue……. NO RESPONSE!!!!!! Time for a NEW BRAND!!!!!!!!!

  7. Post

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Sorry to say but you are not alone. Some people do fine with the Acuvue Advance but when its bad its BAD!. Almost nay of the newer lenses should feel better.

    Best Wishes

  8. Tammie

    I have also been using the Acuvue Advance Plus- hate them! I have to replace contacts at least once a week, see spots all the time, fuzzy, dry, make up sticks to them, ect. I bought lots of boxes of them 🙁 So until I run out, I have to put up with them.

  9. Post

    Hi Tammie,

    You are not alone. You might consider updating to a more comfortable lens and use the contact lenses you have left as throw aways for days at the beach, camping, or traveling.

    Best Wishes

  10. Julie

    I hate the new Acuvue Advance w HYDRACLEAR! They are impossible to clean. They rip with gentle cleaning, they cloud, and the other woman was right, if you get make up in them, you might as well throw them away, because soap, nor CLEARCARE with hydrogen peroxide can get them clean! I’m very unhappy with these lenses. Buyer beware!

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