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Colorado Child Health Plan Plus Expands Coverage

Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) will become available to more Colorado children starting in May. CHP+  helps families with children age 18 and under who earn too much income to qualify for Medicaid.  Currently eligibility is determined by the number of children and tied to the Federal Poverty Rate.  Currently CHP+ provides coverage for families with incomes up to about 200% of the Federal Poverty rate. The new changes will create a new category of eligibility that goes up to about $250% of the Federal poverty rate.

Optometrist Exams and Eyeglass Benefits Will Be a Covered Benefit With Co-Pays

Hopefully this expanded coverage will allow more families trying to work and provide for their families to obtain health coverage and vision care. Health care reform at a state level can be much more responsive to the needs of the local communities than federal programs and much more accountable.

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