Dry Eye Syndrome And LASIK

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Dry Eyes And LASIK

Dry Eyes can be a problem with LASIK eye surgery. The incidence of dry eye increases significantly after surgery and in some cases may persist long term.  Untreated dry eye syndrome prior to eye surgery can also result in less favorable outcomes and an increased relapse of the need for corrective lenses. Farsighted individuals and women seem to be more susceptible to this effect.

Eye Tear Volume Quantities

Prior to considering any form of refractive surgery you should be evaluated for adequate tear volume quantities and the quality of the tear film layers. Low levels of the watery component of tears or inadequate oily are mucoid secretions in the tear layer will all lead to less desirable outcomes. Vision researcher Dr. Julie Albietz documented treatment of dry eye problems prior to LASIK significantly lowers the loss of goblet cells on the eyes surface. These cells secrete mucous helping  the eyelids move smoothly with reduced friction during blinking.

Dry Eye Syndrome And LASIK

After LASIK if dry eye syndrome persists you should seek treatment. The occurrence of dry eyes after LASIK is high but after six months the majority of cases resolve. In a small percentage of cases dry eyes after LASIK can be disabling.  Untreated dry eyes can lead to damage to the ocular eye tissues. Early treatment can prevent a bad situation from getting worse, and in many cases result in significant improvement in your quality of life.

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