Eye Drops For Macular Degeneration

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Macular Degeneration Eye Drops On The Horizon

Eye drops instead of injections into the eye may sson become the standard way of treating wet macular degeneration by eye doctors. Squalamine, derived from the livers of certain shark species, is being put on a fast track clinical study. It has been used as an antibiotic in the past, but it also has properties that interfere with the growth of new blood vessels. 

Wet  Macular Degeneration Eye Damage Is Caused By Blood Vessel  Growth

When blood vessels grow rapidly in the choroidal tissue under the retina, the damage to vision can be fast and severe. These blood vessels leak resulting in damage and scarring of the retina. Anti vascular edothlelial growth factors (Anti-VEGF) are substances used to inhibit the expansion of these blood vessels.  Avastin  has become the most common anti-VEGF treatment for wet macula degeneration, and it requires ongoing injections into the eye. Due to the anti-VEGF nature of  Squalamine, it has been tried in the past to restrict the new blood supply to growing tumors. Now it looks like it may be used by eye doctors to help prevent the damage new blood vessel growth creates in macular degeneration

Eye Drops Instead Of Injections For Eye Doctors And Patients

With luck, we may see eye drops being used by optometrists to treat macular degeneration before 2012 is over. Because many people have a strong aversion to any type of injection in or around their eyes, these new eye drops may help prevent blindness and save a lot of eyesight with people much more willing to seek treatment from their eye doctor. 






























































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