Glaucoma Eye Drops Cure Baldness

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Glaucoma Eye Drops Cure For Baldness?

First the eyes go bad then the hair-or is it the other way around? Lumigan (bimatoprost) is an eye drop approved in 2006 for the treatment of glaucoma. It binds to prostaglandin receptor sites in the eye and increases the drainage of the fluid inside the eye resulting in lower eye pressures. After eye doctors wrote prescriptions for Lumigan on a number of patients some new side effects were observed.These included longer and darker upper eyelashes in addition to changes in eye color (makes your blue eyes brown). Many new drugs in the marketplace are introduced from side effects. Latisse was approved in 2008 for eyelash growth as a result of theses observations.

Glaucoma Prescription The Future Triple Play Bonanza?

This year we can expect to see the results of a clinical study of bimatoprost on baldness. It will be interesting it see the cost if it is approved as a treatment. The current price of bimatoprost eye drops would make it an exorbitant way to grow hair. You still have to wonder if someone is already rubbing their glaucoma drops on their head! Optometrists should probably start watching for high eye pressures and hair growth in glaucoma patients who are not responding well to treatment. Maybe there is a future for a combination drug for people with baldness and glaucoma. Patients taking  Lumigan eye drops for glaucoma have also been noted to have reductions in fat around the eyes occasionally. A triple play prescription in the future for glaucoma, baldness, and weight loss would be a pharmaceutical manufacturers dream!

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