Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses

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Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses


Multifocal lens wear has changed. Zeiss eyeglass lenses are not your grandfather’s bifocals! The lowdown on today’s multifocals is specialization and one size does not fit all. Just like everything else in our lives, visual demands on our eyes have gotten much more complex requiring more complex solutions. It used to be we read books and papers when using our near vision. Today we use smart phones, iPads, desktops, and a host of other electronic devices in addition to a litany of work and hobby related activities. Video games, circuit boards, tennis, golf, you name it people do it today.

Eyeglass Lenses and Eye Chart

Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses

Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses Progressive

A good example of lens specialization can be found in the Eyefit Technology found in the new no-line, progressive multifocal lens made by Carl Zeiss (Zeiss Individual 2). This lens comes in three formats. The first format has been designed as an all around lens with distance on the top, an intermediate area for computer work and other tasks that are several feet away, and a near zone at the bottom for reading (traditionally at about 16 inches).

The second format is designed for people who spend more time at distance and intermediate tasks. This lens is enhanced for more dynamic, motion type of activities where people are moving versus sitting at a desk. Drivers, sports instructors, and others can benefit from this lens design. It also provides a 25% larger intermediate zone which works well for people who spend a significant amount of time on a computer or other tasks 24 to 36 inches away. There is a reduction in the width of the near area for reading with this lens design.

The third design is more of a static scheme for people who spend a sustained amount of time sitting with reading or precise work at 24 inches or closer. The near zone is up to 30% larger but the intermediate area is somewhat reduced.

Zeiss Digital Progressive Lenses

Several other forms of advanced lens technology are used in the Zeiss Individual lens series. Zeiss C.O.R.E Technology adjust the optics for the shape of your eye. The Individual lens also uses Freeform Technology to essentially make a high definition lens that reduces aberrations. If you have a stronger glasses prescription and/or have problems with glare and night time vision an HD lens may be a benefit to you.

If you are looking for an all purpose multifocal lens the Zeiss Individual may be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that if you spend more than an hour or so on a computer or specific task every day a computer lens may be required as a second pair to obtain relief from digital eyestrain and dry eye syndrome. Zeiss makes a special line of products just for this situation.

***Since 1846 Carl Zeiss has been the world leader in high quality optical systems and is found almost everywhere precision optics are required, from surgical microscopes outer space. We feel Zeiss quality fits in well with our mission in our Fort Collins Practice: To Provide You With the Most Outstanding Eyecare Experience Ever!”

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