Contact Lens Solutions Changes To Reduce Eye Infections

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Contact lens solutions will soon be required to have two new additions to their labeling. Although most manufacturers no longer …

Eye Doctors Pinkeye Recommendations to Prevent Spreading Eye Infections and Alternative Treatments

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Pink eye can cause any parent concern when they see their child come home from school with a pink to extremely red eye. Hemorrhagic forms of pinkeye cause small amounts of blood to spread out over the white part of the eye and the appearance exceeds their actual capacity to damage eyesight. The first scare is eye damage. Any over the counter eye drop treatments should be used under medical supervision as some drops can induce angle closure glaucoma in susceptible patients. There have been cases where individuals have gone blind from self treating with over the counter eye drops.

Eye Doctors Find Red, Swollen Morning Eyes Are Not Always Serious Problems Like Glaucoma Or Dry Eyes

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Red eyes and swollen eyelids upon awakening in the morning are common eye problems that many people suffer from with vague diagnoses usually of dry eyes or eye allergies. As you sleep at night the normal tear film is not being pumped out through the tear ducts and spread across the eyes by the wiper like motion that occurs with normal blinking. The eye at night becomes a static environment while you sleep, trapping bacteria on the surface of the ocular tissues. The eye has its own immune system that is ramped up at night to compensate for this increase in bacteria. The result is a state of mild inflammation that occurs in everybody.