Christmas Trees Eye Injuries

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When Christmas Trees Attack Eyes 

Beware of cutting down that Christmas tree! Every year flocks of people show up in eye doctors offices from Christmas Trees that have gone to the dark side. Christmas trees attack people for different reasons (lack of Christmas Spirit mostly) and in different ways. Be aware and be safe. Never get caught in a dark chimney alone with a Christmas tree. 

Tree Needles Can Damage Eyes When The Branches Are Untied


When you unbundle that new spruce tree in the living room make sure to have the kids stay a few feet back. Branches are released like a spring and needles have been known to scratch the cornea on the front of the eye and even puncture all the way through. 

Looking For The Last Christmas Present May Have You Looking For An Optometrist

Children reaching under the tree for that last package wedged way in the back may end up scratching the front of their eye from low lying branches. Either keep the presents towards the front or reach the ones in the back for them.

Be Careful With Those Ornaments-They’ll Poke Your Eye Out! 

Its not just the BB guns to be worried about-hooks, metal, ceramic objects that shatter easily can all end up in eye injuries. Some adult supervision is required, even for kids that never grew up. 

Wishing You A Great & Safe Holiday Season




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