Eye Glasses On Display

Eyeglasses Go High Tech

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Eyeglasses Today Are Art And Technolgy

Eye Glasses On Display

Unique Eyeglasses

Eye glasses have gone the way of cell phones. Remember that old cell phone that looked (and felt) like a brick? The one with the three foot antenna that was always threatening to poke out someones eye? Well if you are under the age of 30 probably not. But the rest of us have seen cell phone technology advance into the current generations of iphones and android devices.


Eye Glasses Like Iphones

Steve Jobs at Apple made the iphone into art combined with the latest technology. Eyeglass frames have undergone a similar revolution, and today’s high tech materials include exotic metals like titanium, rhodium, bubinga wood, and buffalo horn. Many of these materials combine cutting edge fashion with the ultra light weight and durability of modern material science. Some eyeglass frame lines come with sunglass clips that adhere from magnets, making a seamless transition to sunwear. The Silhoutte rimless eyewear frames weigh about the same as a couple of paper clips and are extremley durable, often lasting for years.

Hundreds Of Unique Frames To Choose From 

We provide one of the most unique eyeglass selections in Northern Colorado. Hand chosen for our patients, many of frames are exclusive to our practice. Whether you want form or fashion (or both), we want to help you be the”Apple of someone else’s eyes”.




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