Mad Hatter Day

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Keep An Eye On Your Calender


Keep you eyes out for October 6th! Its Mad Hatter Day. Started in 1986 in

Boulder Colorado

it was developed by some bored computer programmers who were supposed to be developing Star Wars Technology. Someone reportedly spilled a Mt. Dew on a keyboard which of course shorted out launching three prototypes towards Iceland. The lead tech had reached for the Dew as it tipped but just missed it. Just short of launching Armageddon, the team was quite mad at him-to which he replied “I thought I had her”. 

A government observer commented on how mad everyone was in spite of the “Had Her” and, well the rest is history. Mad Had Her became Mad Hatter. Our survival is now celebrated as Mad Hatter Day.

Every top hat present will testify to the veracity of this story. If you don’t believe it, go on ahead-you will get to the top of it at some point in the future!

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