Eyes Predict Bipolar & Schizophrenia

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Vision Changes To Predict Bipolar Disorder?

Can someone look into your eyes and know your mental state? A study of children with parents who were either bipolar or schizophrenic seems to indicate this may be true.

Special Eye Tests Measure Electrical Changes For Night Vision

The electroretinogram uses a special contact lens on the front of the eye that records the difference in electrical charges from the front and back of the eye. The b-wave measures alterations in this charge by the rod cells responsible for night vision. Eye doctors found this wave was significantly reduced in children having at least one parent effected by either bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Eye Doctors  May Check Your Mood And Your Eyes In The Future

Electrical testing of eye function is still used largely in teaching institutions.  This equipment has become much more compact and inexpensive and will most likely be seen in many eye doctor offices in the future. The first step in prevention is knowing who is most susceptible to a disease. Hopefully there will be ways to intervene at that early junction and prevent these disorders from ever manifesting any symptoms.









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