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College students have special requirements for contact lenses. Most importantly they should be wearing disposable contact lenses and replacing them of on a prescribed schedule, not when it becomes uncomfortable.

Daily disposable contact lenses eliminate hygiene issues if the lenses are thrown away each night. Though you may find it hard to believe, some college students for mysterious reasons do fall asleep in their lenses at times. These individuals require the silicone hydrogel superpermeable contact lenses like the Biofinity to add a margin of safety. Students participating in overnight hiking and camping trips are probably better off with this type of lens since it is quite difficult to have clean hands in the wilderness.

College Dorm rooms are a microbiologists dream for exotic new species so using solutions as instructed and replacing contact lens cases every month is very important. Your friends half full glass of tap water is the wrong place to plop your lens in overnight if you want to keep seeing. Also, your friends contact lenses belong on their eyes,not yours. Eye infections are easy to pass around. If that’s not enough to convince you, things like HIV have been found circulating in tears (but no known cases this way yet). Chlamydia is also a nice eye disease you can acquire.

Those bottles of solution do have expiration dates (for a reason). Cosmetics get really old and grow interesting bacteria also-they deserve to be pitched on a regular basis.

Last, but not least-tap water is not bacteria free. Some of the worst cases of eye infections come from hot tubs. Leave the lenses off and should look hotter (OK its a really bad pun but true, acanthamoeba is a terrible bug associated with soft contact lenses and hot tubs primarily).

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