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Treatments For Eye Problems In Type 2 Adult Diabetes Shown To Be Effective In New Study

Three therapies were compared for people with type 2 diabetes in a recent study. The study, known as the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes or (ACCORD) Eye Study published results today. Very intensive blood sugar control reduced the progression of diabetic retinopathy compared with standard blood sugar control, and the combination of two drugs used to treat high cholesterol and lipid imbalances both lowered eye complications from small blood vessels in the eye by about 30%. The drugs used were a fibrate and statin, (fenofibrate and simvastatin). Intensive blood sugar control is shifting towards normalizing blood sugar to the levels in the general healthy population.

Controlling Blood Pressure Did Not Correlate With Decreased Cardiovascular Disease

Surprisingly, blood pressure control had no correlation with slowing diabetic eye complication.

There Was No Decrease in Deaths Due to Cardiovascular Disease

Actually the overall risk of death increased with tight control, possibly because the near normal blood sugar levels had less cushioning room to fall and makes severe hypoglycemia a much higher risk. Patients in the intensive blood sugar group had a 22 percent higher risk of death (5.0 percent versus 4.0 percent) and a three times higher risk of seriously low blood sugar (10.5 percent versus 3.5 percent) compared with participants in the standard blood sugar control group. People with diabetes should have an annual dilated exam of the inside and back of their eyes to make sure no changes. If there are any changes or complications, they should be addressed immediately.

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