Foods For Eye Health

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Eye Healthy Foods

Foods that are healthy for the eyes can help prevent some eye diseases and conditions.  A number of foods for eye health are well known and can easily be incorporated into your daily food plan. Vitamin supplements for the eyes may not have the same effect as the whole food so it is wise to try and get the most you can from your diet.

Foods For Eye Health

include cold water fish that is rich in omega-3 oils and plants that are rich in certain pigments, especially lutein and zeaxathin. These are known as carotenoids and have higher concentrations ion a number of foods ( broccoli, corn, squash, peas and cruciferous vegetables like spinach and kale. If you like to garden you will find a number of these foods are easy to grow in Fort Collins, especially dark, leafy green vegetable like kale. 

Bioflavenoids are pigments found in plants that may be responsible for health benefits in foods such as dark chocolate, red wine, and green tea. A number of other eye vitamins are important in regulating the health of the eyes. These include vitamin A, the B Vitamins,, vitamin C vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, copper, magnesium and more.

Four Eye Super Foods To Add To Your Diet

Consider supplementing you diet with these four proven SUPER FOODS FOR EYE HEALTH

  1. KALE

Food Recipes For Healthy Eyes

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