Clean Contact Lenses

Clean Contact Lenses-Three Things You Need To Know

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Three Things You Need To Know For Clean Contact Lenses


Clean Contact Lenses








Three things you need to know for clean contact lenses-so you don’t end up with the types of problems in the photo above! Contact lenses that are coated can lead to discomfort, blurred vision and serious eye infections. In a low humidity climate like we have in Fort Collins, this can be the difference between successful lens wear or losing vision. 


Do These Three Steps To Help Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

  1. Replace Your Contact Lens Case Every Time You Purchase Solution: Studies have shown cases are frequently  the source of eye infections. People try to clean them in a variety of different ways, the dishwasher being the most common. The problem is the micro-scratches that occur within a month or so- you can’t see them but the bacteria and the gunk in your tear film can. Most solutions are packaged with a case today at no extra charge. Spend a minute or two finding a solution case combination each time you purchase contact lens solutions. It goes a long way in keeping your eyes healthy and your contact lenses clean. 
  2. Rub Your Contact Lenses after You Remove Them And Immediately Before You put Them In The Case To Soak Overnight: Most people have not noticed that the labeling on their favorite contact lens solution no longer says “No Rub”.  Studies have shown skipping the rubbing step increases the rate of eye infections. In our Fort Collins optometry office we no longer recommend skipping this step. If you want clean contact lenses make sure you rub your lenses with the appropriate solution.
  3. Use Adequate Solutions and Time To Rinse Your Contact Lenses After Rubbing Them: Read the instructions that come with the solution and follow them unless you optometrist has advised you in a different manner. Usually it takes at least 10 seconds of rinsing to remove the deposits you have loosened up by rubbing the contact lenses. You don’t want to clean off the oils and proteins then store them right back with the lens.

Take A Few Extra Minutes For A Lifetime of Clear Vision And Clean Contact Lenses!


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