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Fort Collins Eye Doctor


Choosing the right Fort Collins Eye Doctor can be a challenge. There are numerous options and we want to be your best choice. In choosing the eye doctor that is right for you we suggest 6 easy steps:

1. Choose a Qualified Fort Collins Eye Doctor:

Dr Kisling graduated with highest honors from the University of Houston, one of the best Colleges of Optometry in the US

2. Maximize Your Benefits:

Choose an  eye care provider that will help you maximize your insurance benefits. At Harmony Eye Care, we accept most major eye insurance plans and will work to make sure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

3. Seek Special Care:

Look for a provider that provides extra care in any areas you have problems with. There are a number of Fort Collins eye doctors to choose from but not everyone provides care in special areas. Dr. Kisling specializes in Dry Eye Syndrome, Computer Vision Syndrome, and complex contact lens fittings. For you, that means we specialize in clear, comfortable vision and focus on protecting and enhancing vision.

In addition our office is not locked in to one model of care. We utilize standard refractive and medical eye care plus other options such as recommending nutritional supplements when they are applicable.

4. Choose a Fort Collins eye doctor for your Family:

We see both children and adults making it easy for you with all of your eyecare needs in one location

5. Choose an Optometrist Who Will Give You Time:

So many people feel like they are not given time to make the right choice during an eye exam. We take time and we listen.

6. Look For the Right Fit With Your Eye Doctor:

We want to be your first choice but sometimes the fit just isn’t right. That is why we offer a free consultation. Come in and get to know us. No charge, no obligation, just time to discuss the options for your eyes and see if we are right for you.

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