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Are Eye Supplements Safe?

Almost everyone takes some form of supplements these days. Many things fall under the definition of supplements including herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and a host of other categories. These supplements categories were laid out in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) by congress in 1994. They must be labeled as dietary supplements and ingredients, and not as food or medicine. This act changed supplements from being regulated as food items to a new class. So are they safe?

The Manufacturing Company Is Now Responsible For Eye Supplement Safety Instead Of The FDA

It is the manufactures responsibility to make sure existing supplements are safe and that any assertions made are true and not misleading. There are no requirements for testing or FDA approval for exsiting supplements. While herbal manufacturing companies have liability for any problems that arise from the use of their products, that is something that occurs after the fact. New supplements are required to undergo a review process. The issue underlying this procedure is the lack of a defining list of existing supplements. Since the manufacturer is responsible for determining if the dietary ingredient is new or if it was previously found in food, there is realistically no guarantee of a review for new supplements. The Good Manufacturing Practices Regulations were passed in 2007 to assure the purity, quality, and content of supplements. While it provides a process for record keeping and inspections the mainstay of quality control is dependent on the reports of adverse events or complications arising from the use of a supplement.

Vision Supplements Are Still A Buyer Beware Market

You can check for adverse event reports at Dietary Supplements – Adverse Event Reporting. Being informed about the products you are taking and the reputation of the company is probably the best assurance you can find about their safety and usefulness. Your eye doctor can also be a resource for finding the best brands available.


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