Free $262 Eye Glass Savings

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July 2009 only limited time offer:

(In Conjunction With Craigs List Offer)

Call Now Code 102   (970) 226-0959

  1. Free Case $4.00 Value
  2. Free Cleaning Cloth $4.00 Value
  3. Free Bottle Lens Cleaner $4.00 Value
  4. Free Scratch resistant quality coating $25.o0 Value
  5. Free $20.00 coupon to apply towards transitions sun lens
  6. Free Unlimited One Time Replacement For One Year-No Questions Asked–Loss or Breakage-$75.00 value
  7. Free Lens Cleaning Solutions For 1 Year $75.00 Value
  8. Free Adjustments and cleaning unlimited adjustments $60.00


This is a limited time offer available only on select frames with single vision lenses. As it is designed to help families who have recently lost their benefits it can not be used in conjunction with other insurance plans. Additional charges apply to higher prescriptions and lens options. Call office for details.

Call Now Code 102   (970) 226-0959

Before it’s Too Late!

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