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The Optometric Nutrition Society

A Professional Society Whose Time Has Come

Dr.David Kisling of Fort Collins,Colorado has become an active member of The Optometric Nutrition Society.  Lifestyle modification and nutrient intake are proving to play an important role in vision health and eye disease prevention. Several studies have shown a correlation with nutrition and chronic eye disease. This area of study has become a focus of primary vision care doctors.

The purpose of the Optometric Nutrition Society is to:

To promote excellence in the care of optometric patients through nutritional support of eye health and the prevention and control of ocular and systemic disease.
To sponsor professional symposia as well as a website, and to generate materials to educate professionals regarding the role of nutrition in systemic and ocular health.
To provide a collegial atmosphere where health care professionals can exchange ideas and concepts regarding nutritional influences on vision.
Provide a resource pool of clinically relevant refereed studies that support the role of safe nutritional support for the management of ocular and systemic disease.
To monitor and validate claims made by industry regarding the quality and efficacy of nutritional supplements.
To encourage the inclusion of nutrition education in the curricula of optometry schools.

The society closely monitors peer-reviewed published science on nutritional influence on eye health, as well as safety and ethical issues regarding specific micronutrients included in supplements being marketed to vision patients.

For more information contact:

Name:    Dr David Kisling, O.D.
Address 181 West Boardwalk Ste. 201
Fort Collins,CO. 80525
Phone:     (970) 226-0959
Email       info@harmonyeyes.net

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  1. Nkiruka Nwachukwu OD MPH(Walden) FAAO FNOA

    Recently I have been interested in studies on nutrition to help with a number of ailments my patients and a huge number of my friends and family suffer. I stumbled on this society at the American Academy of optometry. Please let me know how I can join this group

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