Contact Lenses To Treat Eye Allergies

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Acuvue K The Contact Lenses For Itchy Eyes

Contact lenses are about to enter a new realm as drug delivery devices.  While a number of applications are expected, Acuvue may be the first off the block with an antihistamine releasing lens. In 2007 Vistakon,  the manufacturer of the Acuvue lens family, sponsored a clinical study of healthy patients wearing a lenses with ketotifen.  Eye doctors followed over 300 patients and evaluated for any complications over a period of 12 weeks while they wore the lenses. On June 23 2011 the final comments were added.

Acuvue K-Lens For Eye Allergies Appears to Be A Safe Contact Lens

There were two serious problems in people wearing the Acuvue K contact lenses. One patient had to be hospitalized for gastrointestinal problems and another for a nose fracture from a fall. I believe it is unlikely these were related to the contact lenses but time will tell.  Statistical analysis of the results has not been made public but it appears that every marker of eye inflammation measured was not significantly changed by the contact lenses.  Ketotifen is the same anti-allergy drug found in the over the counter drops Zaditor and Alaway.

Itchy Red Eyes Are Only The Beginning!

Eye allergies can  diminish the quality of life when they are severe and constant. All eye drops share the common problems of accurate and prolonged dosing over time. A single drop may be blinked out and/or the amount your eye receives may last for a very short duration. By adding drugs to contact lenses eye doctors should be able to assure a steady dosage over long periods.

Many eye diseases may show much higher response rates when they are delivered in contact lenses. Glaucoma, eye infections, and uveitis (inflammation inside the eye) are probably going to be treated with contact lenses in the near future.

Someday you may even be told to take two contact lenses and call in the morning!

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