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Sight For Students And Optometry Giving Sight Charities Are True Visionaries!

Sight For Students

was founded by VSP in 1997 to help provide eyecare for uninsured students. Today Sight For Students helps over 50,000 kids receive eye exams and needed eye wear every year. Vision service plan is the premier vision insurance company in the world. For details on “Sight For Students” see:

Optometry Giving Sight

is an optometry charity with a slightly different focus. Rather than just providing eye care to impoverished regions of the world, they go one step farther. Optometry Giving Sight also trains care givers and builds permanent infrastructure for future eye care needs. To date more than 1.7 million people have received eye care and over 100 vision centers have been built. You can read about Optometry Giving Sight and San Diego Optometrist Dr. Michael Goldsmid (named the Vision Source Philanthropist of the Year or his efforts in helping) at:

These are the real Holiday Spirits!

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