H1N1 Flu or Not

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Conjunctivitis is rarely a specific indicator for Swine Flu. The CDC seems to indicate an abrupt onset of fever (100-100.5) in conjunction with typical flu symptoms is fairly indicative of influenza. There are a number of supposed cases in Mexico of mild H1N1 Flu with low or non recorded fever. It remains to be seen if these are mild cases of flu or Upper Respiratory Infections. Any case of conjunctivitis accompanied with the signs of flu such as dry cough, muscle aches, fatigue lasting more that a few days, loss of appetite, sinus congestion mild or moderate, and headaches should be considered a possiblre case of H1N1 Flu until proven otherwise or until the current outbreak gains clatity. This does not mean all possible cases need to be tested, merely that patients with a questionable diagnosis should stay away from public places a few days inside until it becomes clear they do not have H1N1 Flu. If you have all of the indications of Influenza your Family Optometrist may be willing to treat mild conjunctivitis with a telephone consult to avoid further spred of the virus. As a Fort Collins Eye Doctors Office, we are comfortable treating existing patients with a confirmed diagnosis of H1N1 Flu in this manner in conjunction with your primary care family doctor.

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