Eyecare Resources For The Unemployed

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If you are desperately trying to find eyecare resources for your community for the new influx of unemployed and uninsured the …

Eye Exam Test-Should You Study or Take a Valium?

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Did you cram for your eye exam? Does a cold,sweaty feeling creep over your body as you wait to go …

Contact Lens Advances You Should Ask You Eye Doctor About

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If you wear glasses and have never considered contact lenses there are several reasons why you might want to re-consider the option of contact lenses. The range of prescriptions that can now be corrected with contact lenses has expanded over the years to the point that there are very few eyes that can’t be corrected with today’s technology. The automation of manufacturing techniques allows for contact lenses that can correct high amounts of astigmatism and they can be supplied in disposable formats for healthier eyes. Bifocal wearers now have a number of contact lens options. If you have a prescription that makes you think you cannot wear contacts or have been told you are not a candidate in the past, ask a Fort Collins Eye Doctor who specializes in contact lenses if it is a possibility.