Healthier Contact Lenses Biofinity

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Cooper Vision released the Biofinity contact lens recently in a toric version. This will increase the number of peoeple who …

Dry Eyes-How to Use Artificial Tears

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Optometrist Secret To Using Artificial Tears The secret to using artificial tears is twofold.: First you must choose the correct …

Fort Collins Eye Doctors to Have New Review of Contact Lens Solutions by FDA for Eye Infections From Acanthamoeba

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Fort Collins Optometrists may have new guidelines for contact lens solutions in the future. The Food and Drug Administration has decided to review the testing procedures for contact lens solutions against the organism acanthamoeba. This type of infection has shown an increasing trend in recent years. None of the most commonly used multipurpose contact lens solutions have the capacity to effectively destroy acanthamoeba cysts. Hopefully the FDA review will help fill this gap for Eye Doctors in the future. In the interim the following guidelines like the FDA suggestions should help prevent most acanthamoeba eye infections.